"Seven part awesome!"
Deke Sharon, The Father of Contemporary A Cappella


Jazzva entered the world of vocal music more than a decade ago. On our road of exploring the human voice we write new stories, seek harmonies and play with different tones and effects. We try to find a special relationship with every song and perform it for our listeners as authentically and honestly as possible. Our repertoire consists of many different genres; from pop, rock and jazz to arrangements of folk songs and many more. We are working with excellent arrangers who make sure our crazy little ideas make it into our music.

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Privoščite si skodelico sveže kuhane glasbe. Če ne gre v živo, pa nas lahko od doma poslušate na CDju. Naročilnico najdete TUKAJ

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"We love to play with different sound colours and effects and are constantly trying to find our own musical style, sound and attitude. We hope we're on the right track. We are realizing our ambitions by performing, organizing concerts, recording and attending festivals. Every fall we organize Ljubljana Vocal Festival, now already a traditional vocal festival. Oh yes, before we forget, we're stylish, beautiful, adorable, smart, talented and cööl. And, oh, so modest."

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